Prayer & Praise Items

Please be praying for:

- The youth – that God will open their hearts and eyes to see other’s needs

- The youth – that God will show them that He wants to use them to help others

- The youth – that this will help make them closer so we can build on these experiences

- The ministries – CSM and all the other ministries that are working in Chicago

- The homeless – that we can touch their lives and help direct them to God

- The children of Chicago – that we can encourage them and help direct them to God

- Safe travel

- Drew, Stephanie, Amanda, and the leaders assigned to our group


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In Christ, Your IT Team.

Prayer & Praise Page

Please submit your prayer and praise items to be shared openly through our "Contact Us" page and they will be displayed here according to your entries there.  We hope you will share your joy and praises with our church family!

Praise Item!

Praising God for Evie Abernathy who has arrived in fine form to bless her parents Jason and Tricia Marie.  We give God glory for this newborn child and family.   Blessings to Sam and Judy and Kevin.

Prayer Item:  Our Country and Our Choir Ministy

During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington fasted and prayed for our country on May 17th.  Al and Barb Berlau attended the NRA convention a couple weeks ago and Glen Beck was one of the speakers there.  They were moved by his suggestion and asked that we pass it on.  He suggested that we all do the same this May 17th. 

Please pray for our Music Minister, Jonathan Snow and our choir members as they prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day Music to be offered on Sunday, May 27th.

Prayer Item: VBS

Please be in prayer for 2015 VBS program and all those involved in bringing that to our community.  It is a big project with many loving hands and hearts needed to make it a success reaching children for Christ.  Pray for the children and young people who will be attending. 

Praise Item!

Praising God for touching hearts to help with our "Move The Dirt" project!  Soon we will be able to make better use of our outdoor pavilion again.  Thank you church family, you are a blessing.